Clean energy solutions for homeowners

Building a greener world together
Clean energy solutions for homeowners

Building a greener world together

RGC ENERGY manages all facets of the solar equipment so you don’t have to. We monitor the safety, performance and production of the solar energy 24/7, giving you peace of mind that you are using clean, affordable renewable energy.

Benefits of living in a solar-powered home

against rising energy costs


of all the maintenance


on the warranty



On the path
to net zero

for the environment

how we work
1. Install
We install and maintain the solar equipment
2. Net-metering
You are signed up for a net-metering account with the utility; we will manage the setup process
3. Credits
On your utility bill you will see a decrease because you are using solar electricity first, and you will see credits for any extra solar energy you don’t need
4. Monitoring
We provide monitoring and maintenance for the solar equipment
5. Billing
You receive a monthly bill for the solar equipment and/or energy
Frequently asked questions
You receive a monthly invoice from RGC Energy that is due within 15 days. You will also receive a bill from your local utility which includes the energy you used from the credit and credits from any excess solar energy produced.

Unless you have a battery included with your solar system, when the grid is down the solar is isolated for safety and you do not have access to the power.

RGC Energy owns all the equipment on the roof and the equipment outside (meter and disconnects). We will list the connected serial numbers in the rental agreement
Yes you can. The purchase price can be discussed with RGC Energy for further information.

You still are connected to your utility and will receive power from the grid.

You will see a charge for the energy you used from the grid (for example at nighttime). You will also see credits from when the solar energy was more than what you were consuming during daylight hours. These credits can be used within a 12-month period.

The installation is done with quality equipment and is approved by the roofer who installed your roof.

If the solar system caused the leak, RGC Energy will remove the solar system and repair the leak. We will then place the solar system back onto the roof again for the remainder of the contract.

Yes, you are still covered under the warranty for your roof from Tarion.

RGC Energy will do a yearly maintenance inspection of all the equipment. If visits are required due to equipment issues, we will give you written notice and call ahead to notify you that we will be on the roof. There is no need for us to enter the home.

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