Residential clean energy solutions

Build with clean, affordable solar energy
Residential clean energy solutions

Build with clean, affordable solar energy
We provide energy solutions to homeowners and homebuilders across Ontario. Our team will provide a solar solution to meet the energy needs of the homes and community you are building. We design, install and maintain the residential solar systems. By offering competitive pricing structures and excellent customer service, we help homeowners save money on their energy bills to reduce our environmental impact.
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You can offer your customers three different pricing structures to best suit their needs:
1. Pay for electricity and not the solar panels
Through a power purchase agreement, the homeowner will pay for the electricity that is generated from the solar system, similar to how they purchase electricity from the utility.
2. Rental of equipment
Your homeowner can opt-in to a rental agreement for the equipment, which includes the use of solar energy and all maintenance required for the system. They are billed a fixed monthly fee.
3. Purchase of equipment
Your homeowner can purchase the solar system from RGC Energy and include it in the final purchase price of their home.
Frequently asked questions

The homeowner is able to use clean energy from their rooftop while saving money compared to historically rising energy costs.

Solar installation does not void the Tarion warranty. It is treated the same as a roof installation. RGC Energy will take all necessary steps to ensure a proper installation and that the Tarion warranty is valid.

RGC Energy will work with the local utility to appropriately size the infrastructure to accommodate solar within your community. There will be a conduit from the roof to the metering point required and we will work with you on placing the equipment so that it is efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 

RGC Energy manages the systems both remotely and by sending technicians to the homes if there are any issues. RGC Energy prides itself on exemplary customer service and will follow strict guidelines when going to a home.

The installation timeline is minimal and can be completed within a day. We will work closely with your project management team to ensure we are meeting your timelines and deadlines. 

On a flat roof design, we will avoid penetrations and use a ballasted system. On a pitched roof, there are sealing taps between the shingles to ensure no water penetration. 

All equipment comes with a warranty both for performance and workmanship. RGC Energy will manage those warranties and ensure they are maintained. 

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