Solar for commercial buildings

Clean, affordable energy
Solar for commercial buildings

Clean, affordable energy

RGC ENERGY installs solar systems on rooftops and provides clean electricity. The operation and maintenance of the solar system is included in the cost of your solar bill. 

The RGC Energy difference
Clean energy to power your business:

in property value

No up-front

investment required


on electricity costs


environmental commitment


energy pricing

to ESG goals
how we work
1. Audit and design
We analyze past energy bills to create a custom-designed system to meet your business needs.
2. Power purchase agreement

You receive a monthly bill from RGC Energy for the power generated on your roof. Licensed by the Ontario Energy Board, we maintain the highest standards of consumer protection and integrity.

3. Net-metering

The best of both worlds: affordable solar power and the reliability of the grid. We set up the net-metering account with your utility.

4. Installation

We handle the costs of the solar panel installation. 

5. Operations

We monitor, manage and maintain the solar panels and all associated equipment so you don’t have to.

Net metering
gets you ahead
Once you’re set up, you will participate in the solar net-metering program with your utility. Solar net metering is a process that allows you to offset the cost of your electricity by sending the excess energy produced back to the grid. When the solar panels generate more electricity than your business needs, the excess energy is distributed to the utility company and you receive a credit on your energy bill for the energy sold. These credits can be used over a 12-month period.
Frequently asked questions

Prior to design and installation, RGC Energy and a professional roofer will visit your property to conduct a pre-inspection to ensure there are enough years left in the existing roof. We have strict installation practices that protect the roof during construction and for the life cycle of the project. We also avoid penetrations into the roof with several different design strategies. 

We have a detailed process on how to handle a new piece of equipment being installed on the roof to meet your business’ operational needs. We will meet with you to discuss the best location, impacts to the solar equipment and what is needed from both parties to move an HVAC installation forward. 

The equipment remains under the ownership of RGC Energy and the lease and power purchase agreement are transferred over to the new owner. 

If you move there is no penalty to you under the power purchase agreement.

RGC Energy takes care of all the monitoring, operations and maintenance of the solar equipment. Most of this can be done remotely. However, if a site visit is needed, RGC Energy will contact your team at least 24 hours in advance to gain access to the equipment.

Ask us about battery storage options if you would like to keep the power running in your building during a utility power outage.  

Ready to go solar?
We make greening the grid simple and stress-free.

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